The coaching program

A coaching program ranges from 2 to 6 months depending on our focus and what we’re looking to accomplish together. Our focus is on creating long term and impactful changes to your current story while creating sustainable patterns for your future.

What we we will do

Step 1: Create Awareness

Every good story has to start somewhere.

We will dive into your story to understand how you got to this point; what is causing you to feel numb or stuck. We will focus on who you are in all aspects of your life, where you want to go, who you are, and what brought you to coaching.

Step 2: Program Development

Creating a shift in the story

Once we have an understanding of direction and the coaching topic, we will start building a coaching program that will unlock your future, disrupt your patterns and creating an understanding how we will get there. We will solidify your intended outcomes, practices, and what best will serve you.

Step 3: Rewriting your Story

The plot unfolds

Through real and deep conversations we will build capacity for change and through tailored practices that bring awareness to allow you to notice and create change in the moment. We will be focused on creating your new narrative that serves you in all aspects of your life and create a deeper connection your real and true self.

Step 4: Expansion

Your story continues with limitless possibilities

You are now the author of your new chapter taking your vision and capacity to the next level. You will continue to write your story through the practices and development we solidified. You will be able to identify your patterns and create a shift when you become aware of them in the moment. Your story, your connection to self and confidence will continue to drive meaningful change.