Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

Let's connect for an initial complementary coaching session.

How do we come up with a coaching topic?

Most clients have a idea of what they want to work on. Don't worry if you don't we can explore topics in our first conversation. In the first conversation, I will ask open ended questions to help us narrow down the topic and agree on next steps.

Once a coaching engagement starts it's typical that the topic evolves or changes. Don't worry! We will work to find an approach thatand timeline that works for you. 

How often should we meet?

We will typically meet once a week or once every two weeks. I'ved tested different time frames and found that this frequency creates the best environment for your growth. Meeting once a week or once every two weeks offers time for reflection and application of learning between sessions, while maintaining the momentum of our work together.

How long do coaching engagements last?

Typically engagements last between 2-6 months. The time frame can vary greatly and depends on a wide range of factors: your goal(s), your commitment and openness to change, your capacity for introspection, your circumstances, and other unique factors. This is why we work together to establish an coaching engagemnet that works for. 

I have individuals who come in for a very brief engagement (for example: one mock interview coaching session). I have others who come in focused on one goal, achieve that goal, and begin work on another goal and then another. I also have individuals who partner with me in multiple capacities and for multiple goals work with us for a year or more.

What happens after I finish coaching?

I love getting updates from clients so stay in touch! After you have completed your program you are welcome to reach out anytime. I will also follow up in 3 months to check and see how things are going.